This information has been put together to help provide a general overview of what it means to have your property listed as a Registered Heritage Property.
Common reasons why owners choose to have their properties listed on the register include pride in their property as well as the links to our past.  Rebate incentives are sometimes offered from Provincial/ Federal Governments when repairs are made.

What Does Registration Mean?

There are 3 types of Heritage Designation in our Province:  Municipal, Provincial and Federal.   You have expressed interest in Municipal Designation.  If approved, the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth would formally recognize your property’s significance to the history of the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth.


Applications are reviewed with regards with the following criteria in mind:


1.      Its construction predates 1934. (This includes buildings, monuments or burial grounds).  However, any building, regardless of its age, can be considered for registration.

2.      It is associated with one or more persons of local significance.

3.      It is associated with groups, organizations or institutions of local significance.

4.      It is associated with a theme or event in local history or is typical of an era.

5.      It provides an example of a particular architectural style of building technique.

6.      It is associated with a notable architect, master builder or engineer.

7.      It is an outstanding landmark fundamentally inseparable from the public's perception of Yarmouth's heritage.

8.      Other as specified by the owner

   Note: A property may be considered worthy of registration even though it does not meet the above selection criteria.


When the Municipal office receives an application for a registration, the Heritage Coordinator will assist you in gathering all required items to make your application complete.   Your application will be presented to the Heritage Advisory Committee for consideration which will make a recommendation to Council.  If approved by Council you will be sent a notice informing you that the property has been recommended by Council to be registered in the Municipal Registry.   After you are served with the notice there is a waiting period of 30 days, then at a future Council Meeting the Council will either designate the property or not.  If designation proceeds a form of registration is sent to the Land Registration Office and also to you, the building owner.


What Does the Registration Affect?


The registration affects the character defining elements of your home.  Alterations that would not be affected would be items such as repainting your home, re-shingling your roof, or spot replacing some wooden shingles that are in poor condition.  If at any time you had any questions regarding whether or not you would be required to make application you can contact the Heritage Coordinator for verification.


If you wish to make alterations to the character defining elements of your home, you would be required to  make application to the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee who would then make a recommendation to council on the matter.
Council would then either accept or deny the committee’s recommendation at which time you would be notified by letter of your applications status. 


For more Information please contact:

Jenny Porter
Heritage Coordinator
Municipality of the District of Yarmouth
932, Highway 1
Hebron, NS  B5A 5Z5

Phone:  902-742-9691
Fax:     902-742-7557
Contact by email