Veteran Banner Program

The Municipality of the District of Yarmouth has launched a Veteran Banner Program to honour local veterans of the Municipality.  We will begin accepting applications for year two of the program (2023) in November, 2022.

Families and friends of veterans will be able to sponsor a 48”H x 24” W vinyl banner honouring their beloved veteran(s). The full colour banner will display a picture of the veteran, their name and service details along with the sponsor’s name.

The banners will be displayed on power poles in the following hamlets in November of each year:  Port Maitland, Arcadia, South Ohio, and Carleton.

The banners will be removed, stored and put up by the Municipality for a period of three years after which the sponsor is free to keep their banner or apply to become a sponsor for another three-year period.

The program provides up to ten banners in each hamlet in the first year and adding an additional ten per community in the second year and third years; for a total of 120 banners across 4 communities.  

The program will open in November, 2022 for applications for year two of the program (2023) on a first-come-first-served basis.

For those interested in applying, PLEASE NOTE the following important information:

*  There are currently spots available for year two (2023) in each hamlet 

*  This program is open to residents and veterans who are or were residents of the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth. (families from away can sponsor a banner for a local veteran)

*  Applications (which should include the information required in the Veterans Banner checklist, see below) may be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or dropped off at the Municipal Administration building, 932 Highway 1 in Hebron.  

*  Payment via cash, cheque or debit in the amount of $172.50 (including HST) may be paid in person at 932 Highway #1, Hebron, NS B5A 5Z5; or a cheque by mail.

To view and print the application form, please go to the following link:      MODY Veteran Banner Program


Please email the following information to Mark Blinn, Community and Economic Development Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1)  Photo – Photos of the veteran(s) taken with a smartphone work best (even if you are using photos from newspaper clippings). Scanned photos do not work well. Up to two veterans’ photos can be included on one banner.

2)  Name of Veteran(s) - This will be the name displayed on the banner. The Municipality will not spell check submissions – be sure spelling is correct on the submission.  More than one veteran can be added.  Please keep to 30 characters or less.

3)  Service - Where the Veteran(s) served (WW1, WW2, Korean War, etc) to be displayed on the banner.  Please keep to 30 characters or less.

4)  Sponsor’s Name- This will be added to the banner. Please keep your name or the group name as simple as possible.  Please keep to 30 characters or less.

5)  Comments 
– This is where any photo editing requests are made to request areas not to be cropped out (show medals etc.).

6)  Contact name and phone number – This information is required in case there are any questions or we need any clarification.

7)  Specify which hamlet you wish your banner to be in. Provide a first choice and a second choice if your preferred location is full. If you provide one location it will be assumed you do not want your banner in another location.

8)  Payment via cash, cheque, or debit card in the amount of $172.50 may be made payable to the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth in person at the Municipal Building, 932 Highway 1 in Hebron.

Municipality of the District of Yarmouth
932 Highway 1
Hebron, NS  B5A 5Z5

Proofs will be sent via email for approval before banners are ordered or can be viewed at the Municipal Administration building in Hebron.

Thank you for participating in the Veteran Banner Program.