As we enter the last precious weeks of summer, the weather is becoming increasingly dry. Over the past number of summers dry weather has caused shallow wells to run low or dry-up. Access to drinking water on your property is the best solution for your family, and we want to help. The Municipality of Yarmouth and Housing Nova Scotia have a number of programming options to help achieve long term, on property, water security for your family. Specifically, the Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program allows a resident to receive a loan of up to $10,000 in order to install a deeper more efficient well at their home. This loan is repayable to the municipality over 10 years.

Find out more about this program here:    Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program

Overall, dry weather is becoming a new normal in our communities, so we are asking residents to be mindful and conserve water in their home whenever possible. Here are six tips to conserve water:

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