We want to clarify that, for your safety, our Council Chambers Gallery Seating occupancy load is 18 people.

What is the Chambers Gallery?

The Chambers gallery is the area where the public may sit and view the public proceedings of Council and committees of Council.

What is Occupancy Load?

Occupancy load refers to the number of people permitted in a space at one time based on the floor space and function.

Why are we sharing this message?

After a review by the Fire Inspector, it was determined that 18 people in the gallery is the maximum amount to maintain a safe environment for all individuals in the room. Having an occupancy load ensures that people can safely exit the room in the event of an emergency.

What if the gallery is full and I still want to view the meeting?

Gallery seating will be available on a “first come first served” basis. Doors for meetings will open 30 minutes prior to the meeting.  The 18-person occupancy load will be enforced- please plan accordingly. The Municipality broadcasts meetings live on Facebook and posts recordings on YouTube, which can be viewed from the convenience of your own homes or spaces. As well, the meeting minutes become available to the public on the municipal website once they are approved by Council. As per the Fire Inspector and Fire Safety Act, there is no standing room permitted in Council Chambers.