In response to the current housing crisis, the Municipality of Yarmouth is attempting to reduce red tape within the community. Here are five ways how we are doing that:

  • We have introduced a Multiple Unit Residential Zone in the serviced area of the Hebron and Lakes District that permits Dwellings with up to ten Dwelling Units (see photo below)
  • We have introduced Accessory Dwellings. Accessory Dwellings are smaller secondary dwellings found on the same lot as a larger primary dwelling. Accessory Dwellings are now allowed in all zones that permit Dwellings as a main use except the Lakeshore Residential Zone, subject to some additional criteria.
  • The minimum lot area for lots in most Residential Zones has been reduced significantly. This means more lots are suitable for construction of dwellings, and that a given area of land in these zones can be subdivided into a larger number of residential lots.
  • Small Options Homes and Special Care Homes are now permitted in most of the Residential and Commercial Zones, recognizing the need for a wide range of housing options including those to suit an ageing population.
  • We recognize that many industries depend on temporary workers during periods of high productivity. It can be difficult to find housing for these workers. To address this, dwellings and boarding/rooming houses are now permitted as accessory uses in the Marine Industrial and General Industrial Zones.