During an emergency you should have some basic supplies prepared so you and your family can be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. 

Your emergency kit should have everything you need to keep your family healthy for at least 72 hours. The kit should be easy to carry. Check your kit twice a year and replace anything that is out of date.

Include these things in your emergency kit:

1.  Your plan
2.  A list of your personal support network including their name, relation, address, phone and cell numbers
3.  At least 6 litres of water per person (2 litres per day)
4.  Food that won't spoil, like canned and dry foods
5.  Manual can opener
6.  First aid supplies
7.  Allergy medications and special needs or equipment you use
8.  a list of your prescription medicines with their prescription number and purpose
9.  Pharmacy information
10. Pet care
11. At least a 3-day supply of your prescription medicines
12. Wind-up or battery-powered flashlight
13. Wind-up or battery-powered radio
14. Batteries for your flashlight and radio
15. Extra keys for your house and car
16. Money in small bills
17. Copies of important papers like your driver's license, birth certificate, and insurance policies.

For more information on how to be prepared, please go to the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office website.

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