The Municipality of Yarmouth requires that residents register their dogs on or before May 1st on an annual basis.  At the time of registration a dog tag should be obtained from the Administration Department of the Municipal Building located at 932 Hwy 1, Hebron or from the SPCA located at 298 Hardscratch Road, Yarmouth.  Pet owners are responsible for licensing their dogs and ensuring that they don't cause a disturbance.  All information collected when registering your dog is added to a database.  In the event your pet goes missing, this information could help reunite you with your lost pet. 

Dog License Rates:dogs

Spayed or neutered - $10.00 / year
Not spayed or neutered - $15.00 / year

Kennel License 
$50.00 / year

For more information, please view the Municipality of Yarmouth Dog By-law  which includes the Procedure for Barking Dogs.

All dog complaints should be referred to Nova Scotia SPCA Dog By-law Services at 902-307-0475.   Their hours of operation are Monday to  Friday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.  Please leave a detailed message along with a name and contact number and a By-law Officer will return your call as soon as possible.  If you are calling after regular business hours and it is a by-law emergency, please contact the rural detachment of the RCMP at 902-742-9106

Instances of animal cruelty should be reported to the Animal Cruelty Line at 1-888-703-7722.  You may also fill out an on-line complaint form and email it to the SPCA.  All complaints filed and information provided is kept confidential.   The SPCA does not provide your name when responding to animal cruelty complaints. 

The SPCA responds to animal-related public safety and nuisance issues. They also monitor and enforce the Municipality of Yarmouth Dog By-Law and provide the necessary sheltering services for lost and impounded pets.

Farm Animal Welfare

The Department of Environment is responsible for the Farm Animal Welfare Program. The program includes enforcing the farm animal welfare provisions of the Nova Scotia Animal Protection Act and sections of the Criminal Code of Canada.

If you witness a farm animal in distress, you can report the incident and animal welfare inspectors will respond.

To report a farm animal in distress, you can call 1-877-936-8476 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Please click on the following link to the Department of Environment website for more information.